Terms and Conditions


You have a duty of care to ensure your premises are safe to work in and agree to disclose as soon as possible any circumstances which might put Calm the Clutter or its subcontractors at risk. Calm the Clutter will not handle or dispose of items that are or might potentially be dangerous or hazardous.


If access to your home is restricted or unsafe Calm the Clutter reserves the right to cease work and charge for lost time and expenses incurred.

Due care

Calm the Clutter will handle all items and treat your home with care. In the case of accidental damage or loss Calm the Clutter cannot be held liable. By engaging the services of Calm the Clutter you agree to cover any breakages through your home insurance.

Limits of scope of work

As Calm the Clutter are not valuers, if your home contains antiques, art or other items of rarity or value, clients are advised to seek their own valuations of items prior to agreeing to their removal.

We do not provide cleaning, decontamination or removal services. Any large or heavy items that need removing will require a specialist contractor. Calm the Clutter is not a handyman service and permanent fixture of storage systems that require drilling or alteration to premises to install will require a suitable professional at the client’s cost. Similarly as Calm the Clutter is not a cleaning company any cleaning work will need to be undertaken by a suitable service provider.

Removal of items

Items to be removed from your home will be identified on your instruction. Calm the Clutter cannot accept any liability for the actions of the client. It is the client’s decision to decide to dispose of items. Calm the Clutter accepts no responsibility for the actions and decisions of the client at the time of the visit or any subsequent date following engagement, visit or consultation.

Disposal of items

All responsible effort will be made to dispose of items in accordance with the client’s wishes. However once removed from the home Calm the Clutter reserves the right to dispose of items using an alternative appropriate facility.

Confidentiality and privacy

Any photographs and testimonials will only be used with the consent of the client. If you agree photographs can be taken before, during or after sessions and these will be used for the benefit of the client and will only be reproduced for promotional purposes with your permission. Unless instructed otherwise we reserve the right to refer to the work carried out but in doing this will ensure you cannot be identified e.g. “a client in Knutsford” or “a teacher in Chester”.


Both Calm the Clutter and the client may cancel a project or appointment due to unavoidable circumstances. If the client cancels between seven days and the agreed date and time and the appointment is not rescheduled within three months the client will be charged 50% of the amount due. No cancellation fee is payable if cancellation is due to COVID-19 or other infectious disease.

Payment terms

Full advanced payment is required for the first home visit. Thereafter payment is due on completion of a session and in all cases within seven days of the session. The Client will be provided with an invoice.

Payment is accepted by:

Bank Transfer – account details are shown on the invoice

Debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard) for which we carry a contactless card machine.

Cash for which a receipt will be given.