Let us help you reclaim your home.

We help you achieve the tidy and organised home you want.

Calm the Clutter is a Professional Declutter and Home Organisation Service based in Northwich in Cheshire.

Would you love to live in a calm, clutter free home? You can.

It’s so easy for our homes to become cluttered, as things just seem to build up over time. Our homes can become chaotic and a source of stress. Calm the Clutter helps you to restore the calm!

We help you achieve the calm, tidy and organised home you want. We declutter, sort, rationalise, organise and relocate your possessions. We dispose of items you no longer need, carefully upcycling and recycling wherever possible. And then we help you adopt a tidy-as-you-go routine that’s so easy and really works.

It might be a cupboard, a whole room, or more. We can also tackle filing and home offices as well as garages and storage. Where agreed we’ll introduce appropriate storage systems so you can easily keep everything in its place yourself once we’ve left. Welcome to your new calm home.

We operate to the highest ethical standards and our preference is always to donate or recycle all items that are no longer needed.

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful

De Cluttering Services

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Home declutter

we help create the calm and organised living space you’ve always wanted.

Home Reorganisation icon

Home reorganisation

as life changes so can your home – we help you reconfigure your space for your life today.

Home Preening icon

Home preening

useful before special guests come, or if you need to prepare your home for sale.

Home move

We help to prepare for your big move.


Home working and home office

We help create an effective workspace in your home.

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Hoarding solutions

If your possessions have come to dominate your home, we can help you get your life back, step-by-step.